TeamPoles" - Set of 2 Pair (assorted colors)

By Olympia Sports


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Communication and constant physical adjustment keep the poles parallelif not, the Basket and its contents will spill. Move over, under, and through obstacles and toss or _x001c_pour_x001d_ objects from basket-to-basket. The key components are rubber clips that snap into the Baskets. The clips offer two ways to carry the Poles; with gravity by sliding the poles under downward facing grooves; or, firmly by snapping the Poles into the outward facing _x001c_C_x001d_ clips. The Poles can be used alone to balance and roll balls, or as wands. Constructed of high impact plastic that will never kink or break. 2 pair with clips and two baskets (colors vary. Includes activity guides with more than 2 dozen challenges.

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