Tangent Galvanometer

By Olympia Sports


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This apparatus is used to demonstrate and teach the basic principle of an electric meter. Apparatus consists of a 3.75_x001d_ (90mm) dia. air coil wound on an acrylic tube with an acrylic plate in the center to hold a compass. The coil has multiple tappings of 50, 100 & 200 turns, and also has a built-in potentiometer for varying the current, these features allow multiple readings. Operates on one _x001c_AA_x001d_ battery (not included). Includes one compass. Base 7.34_x001d_ (195mm) x 4.75_x001d_ (120mm) x 0.5_x001d_ (12mm). Total height 4.25_x001d_ (110mm).

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