Survey Slide Set (25 Slides)

By Olympia Sports


Wishlist It

Set includes: letter "e", w.m.; animal hairs, w.m.; natural fibers, w.m./ synthetic fibers, w.m.; bacteria types, sm.; pollen grains, w.m.; Starch grains, w.m.; trichina, w.m; cornea of insect eye, sec.; body louse, w.m.; cat flea, w.m.; butterfly wing to show scales, w.m.; Mosquito larvae, w.m.; Mosquito head, w.m.; Fly leg, w.m.; Honeybee wings, w. m.; Honeybee sting, and poison sac, w.m.; feather, w.m.; Paramecium. w.m.; human blood, sm.; Yeast budding, sm.; plant hairs, w.m.; Corn stem, c.s.; Basswood stem, c.s.; Starfish eggs in cleavage, w.m.

Unit of Sale :Set