Serola New Sacroiliac Belt Medium (34 - 40 )

By Complete Medical Supplies


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Serola New Sacroiliac Belt Medium (34 - 40 )
- Medium fits hip circum. 34 - 40
- Takes the place of ligaments allowing normal functioning of the muscles because they no longer have to contract to stabilize the joint; thus the muscles are stronger have better circulation and improve over time with continued use of the belt. Also with reduced stress the ligaments can heal better
- Designed to compress and stabilize the sacroiliac joint taking pressure off that joint and allowing normal function to occur
- Nullifies the ligamento-muscular reflex thereby significantly reducing muscle spasm in the back abdomen upper legs and shoulders
- The sacroiliac joint is as 20 times as susceptible to compression and 2 times as much to torsion as lumbar discs; these are the forces in bending twisting and lifting
- The SS Belt is small comfortable and allows freedom of movement with no restrictions
- Can be worn all day with no bad effects
- New open cell urethane inner layer
- Entire surface is non-slip
- Extra strong double-pull elastic
- Hook and loop closures