Madacide -1 32 oz. Spray Disinfectant/Cleaner

By Complete Medical Supplies


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Madacide -1 32 oz. Spray Disinfectant/Cleaner
- 32 oz. spray bottle Each
- Alcohol-Free disinfectant/cleaner
- Another effective product in the fight for Infection Control by Mada without the need for alcohol
- Broad Spectrum Activity (Contact time of 10 minutes on inanimate surfaces
- Kills Mycobacterium tuberculosis (BCG) Canine Parvovirus Poliovirus 1 HIV-1 (Aids)
- Plus kills Fungicidal Pseudomonacidal Virucidal Bactericidal Tuberculocidal
- Stability - 12 months after opening with bottle cap replaced after each use
- MadaCide-1 is a non-volatile solution and will not air dry
- Users must wipe all surfaces dry after 10 minute wet exposure time or reactions with plastic surfaces and plastic products may occur