Large Figure 9 Anodized w/ Camo Rope

By Nite


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Figure 9 Rope Tightener with Camo Rope --High rope tension is easy to achieve and maintain. It is also easy to control the release of high tension without sudden and dangerous unloading. The Figure 9 eliminates the hassle and frustration of tying, adjusting and untying knots Made of high quality aluminum and available in two sizes to fit almost any rope (1/16” to 3/8”)– easy to follow instructions are laser engraved on the surface. Excellent alternative to expensive and complicated cam tensioning devices and stretch cords Two different attachment methods for a variety of uses: Loop System and Fixed End System Loop System: Use the Loop System to create high tension without having to tie a knot to secure awkward objects, secure a load in a vehicle or anywhere else! Use your roof rack like the back of a truck to secure mattresses, ladders, small furniture or sporting goods.
Product UPC : 094664007772