Glassware Assortment

By Olympia Sports


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Quality glassware assortment for use in general science, or chemistry laboratory. Kit includes following items: two 100ml glass beakers, one 250 ml glass beaker, 1 400 ml glass beaker, two 4 oz. bottles w/ screw caps, two 50 ml Mohr burettes, 1 porcelain crucible, 1 porcelain crucible cover, 1 pipette eye dropper, 12 30 ml barnes dropping bottles, 1 porcelain evaporation dish, one 75mm short stem funnel, one 75 mm watch glass, 1 porcelain mortar and pestle, one 10 ml glass cylinder, one 25 ml glass cylinder, one 50 ml glass cylinder, one 100 ml glass cylinder, six 13x100 test tubes, six 18x150 test tubes, six 25x200 test tubes, 4 glass capillary tubing, one 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask, one 8" glass rod and two 100 mm petri dishes. Designed for use by 2-4 students. Shipped in a reusable storage box. 57 pieces total.

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