Genius 2 Tympanic Thermometer

By Complete Medical Supplies


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Genius 2 Tympanic Thermometer
- The GENIUSTM 2 Thermometer uses its proprietary PEAK SELECT SYSTEM
- technology to determine the body's accurate temperature directly from the tympanic membrane
- Count on GENIUS 2 to deliver an accurate temperature while saving staff time minimizing infection control concerns and ultimately paving the way for better patient care
- Tapered Probe Design facilitates proper alignment with the ear canal
- Tip Based Sensor Technology improves accuracy and repeatability and minimizes the need for recalibration
- PEAK SELECT SYSTEM records & analyzes up to 100 measurements per scan
- Rapid Response Time is easy to use
- Programmable display allows the thermometer to be customized according to hospital protocol
- No-Touch Probe Cover enhances infection control
- Real time temperature accurate readings to improve clinical outcomes
- F /C Toggle Button customizes temperature read outs to follow facility protocol
- Pulse timer is convenient for pulse and respiration monitoring
- Extended battery life takes 15 000 readings on 3 AA batteries
- Easy load probe covers (Thermometer) ease of use
- ASTM and CEN Compliant ensures accuracy and dependability
- FAC System (Fast Ambient Change) ensures accurate reading in fluctuating ambient temperatures