Endurox Accelerade - Fruit Punch - 30 Srvg

By Endurox


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    New 30 Servings
    4:1 Carbohydrate Protein Formula
    Extends Endurance
    Speed Muscle Recovery
    Enhanced Rehydration
    Naturally Flavored

Why Accelerade has a 4:1 carbohydrate protein formula.

    Extends endurance - Accelerade extends exercise endurance up to 29% more than a conventional sports drink.
    Speeds muscle recovery - Accelerade improves endurance up to 40% in a subsequent workout compared to a conventional sports drink.
    Reduces muscle damage - Accelerade reduces muscle damage up to 83% compared to a conventional sports drink.
    Enhances rehydration - Accelerade rehydrates athletes 40% better than water and 15% better than conventional sports drink.

Accelerade, the only sports drink that contains carbohydrate and protein in a patented 4:1 ratio, helps athletes perform better and recover faster. Compared to conventional sports drinks, protein-enhanced Accelerade:

    Extends endurance
    Speed muscle recovery
    Reduces muscle damage
    Enhanced rehydration

Only Accelerade meets the total hydration, energy and nutritional needs to working muscles.

Size: 30 SRVG
Pack of: 1

Product Selling Unit : Each
Product UPC : 605439070817