Aircast AirHeel/DNS Care Kit Medium

By Complete Medical Supplies


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Aircast AirHeel/DNS Care Kit Medium
- For persons 5' 2 to 5'6
- Length 9 (22 cm)
- Fits right or left foot
- The Aircast AirHeel/DNS Care Kit gives you round-the-clock relief for Plantar Fasciitis
- For daytime the unique Aircast AirHeel provides clinically-proven comfort and massaging relief for Plantar Fasciitis
- Two interconnected aircells located under the foot arch and at the back of the heel apply pulsating compression with every step help reduce swelling and discomfort and enhance circulation
- The AirHeel is made of lightweight breathable fabric and is simple to apply and to adjust with one strap
- For nighttime the Aircast Dorsal Night Splint delivers optimal comfort for pain relief for Plantar Fasciitis
- The front-of-leg hard shell has a flexible hinge and is paired with a soft adjustable wrap-around brace making it easy to put on and remove
- Foot angle is easy to adjust using the front strap
- Fits right or left foot.