120 Serving Wise Vegetable Buckets

By Guardian Survival Gear


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Wise Company assorted freeze dried vegetables are packaged in individual Mylar pouches, and then encased in durable plastic containers thus preserving food and eliminating waste. Our specialized Freeze Dried Vegetable and Gourmet Flavored Sauce combo pack has been uniquely designed so that you can mix and match each individual vegetable with shelf stable cheese, cream, mushroom, and butter sauces. Each pouch of freeze dried vegetables can be added to much more than your emergency preparedness supply. You can now enjoy high quality vegetables and sauces while camping, hunting, hiking or even everyday use like last minute dinner ideas. Servings included in this package: • Corn (24 Servings) • Peas (16 Servings) • Broccoli (24 Servings) • Green Beans (24 Servings) • Mushroom Sauce (8 Servings) • Cheese Sauce (8 Servings) • Cream Sauce (8 Servings) • Butter Sauce (8 Servings)
Dimension : Buckets - 15" x 12" x 10"
Product UPC : 094922372888