About Us

  • Who we are : We are "WOAEstore" an Uttati Corp online/Ecommerce Store. WOA stands for Workout Anywhere.This is the destination of the ordinary non athletic person of all genders and age groups, wanting to build a successful life story of healthy living.  


  • Our Mission: We are an Innovation oriented company, continuously looking for new solutions to fit the needs of our clientele exceeding their expectations, and helping them reach their potential.


  • Our Business: We thrive to be a premium retailer of consumer products that help our customers connect with their physical health, fitness and their lifestyle. We offer a selection of premium brands and styles, delivering a relevant product assortment that connects our customers to their dynamic lifestyles.


  • Our History: While "WOAEstore" is launching just recently as stand alone Brand, our core team's many years of direct experience, developing, testing and improving our solutions is unmatched in the marketplace. We are backed by a parent company with nearly twenty years in the business.


  • Our Vision: Is to supply our clients with the products and Services that are most:

                   - Energy Efficient

                   - Health conscious

                   - Recyclable

                   - Forest Responsible

                   - Water conserving


  • Our Values: Our team members have in common a firm belief in the ability of our business to adhere to three main views that would let our business work in harmony with the development of the future of humanity. A business should comply with the activities that aim for Economic Stability, Environmental Stewardship and Social Responsibility.


  • Our Offerings: Our product categories include such a wide variety of collections. Some of the products are internally invented and developed, while other products are produced by some of the best American manufacturers. But due to the wider needs of the lifestyle of different consumers in our chosen niche markets, we undertook such a great effort to procure and source great products manufactured overseas. Thus we had also to incorporate multiple drop shipping and fulfilment services to handle such complex delivery needs our clients might require.


  • Our Promise: That we put our clients' satisfaction first to maintain a lifelong partnership. We will always work hard to resolve any issues that might present themselves. We will always make sure that our site uses the most efficient state of the art tools to make their experience of navigating our store site an appealing experience, hoping to reach the highest rate possible of customer satisfaction.


  • Why you should be in our store: As our client you will find reliable, trusted and secure service, putting our client FIRST. We will make it our main objective to meet our clients' highest expectations.


  • The customer Experience: We are designing our store in a way that helps the customers navigate through our great selection and find the right products for each of them presenting such products in the cleanest possible way that is well organized and that highlights key features that attract them in a physical environment (like shopping malls).


  • What makes us unique: We offer special, unique, well selected editions and lines of Health, Nutrition and Diet, Fitness, Survival, Lawn and Garden, Natural pest control,....etc. We aspire to make our clients feel they are in the most comprehensive online resource to satisfy and present a smart solution to their needs all under one virtual roof.



  • Our Strategy: To market the products of so many supplyers , manufacturers and distributors ranging from large companies and multinational organizations, to small local producers.We will promote American manufactured products as a priority and we will bring the best and highest quality products manufactured overseas.



  • Our Location : The management of the "WOAEstore.com" is operating from our location in Chicagoland Illinois. Fulfilment, shipment and delivery from multiple warehouses all over the States.


  • Our Team Members: We are a seasoned team of accomplished, unique and forward thinking International Entrepreneurs. We live and breath the causes of health solutions, Innovation, environmental resposibility, good nutrition and active lifestyle. We always feel great knowing that everyday our work can make a difference in the marketplace, a difference in the lives of individuals shopping for great and meaningful products that would enrich their lives. Our line of "Therakits" was developed with all our possible niches clients in mind. We developed solutions to effectively give control to people in physical therapy, especially after surgery to exercise more efficiently. Several more internally developed lines and products will be elaborately displayed in the catalogues and the products sections.

From The Blog


Feb 25, 2013

WOA Estore an Uttati Corp  Ecommerce  Outlet  and distribution Site. We are Introducing  a new line of  physical fitness aids...
“The WOA Kit has made my rehab an important part of my ability to get back to work. I had a hip replacement with the ease of use and the ease of adjustments of the Resistance Bands with the WOA Accessories, my rehab time was shortened significantlyand I recovered sooner than expected”

Ken Strom - Woodstock Illinois