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WOA THERAKIT B1 consists of the following components:

1) Handles (Grips): The most important component of WOA System that make it possible to hold a band with virtually no hand strength. The band adjusts in hand and is held in place . It is also infinitely adjustable for length in seconds thus making it possible to do multiple exercises without loosing cardio. The Handles are made of Anerican hardwood in the USA. We use wood rather than plastic or metal because it has much more pleasant feel and it will not crack , breack or cut you.

Many years, of design, research and clinical testing, have gone into this simple , yet extremely effective product.

Doctors and therapists from the VA Hospital have been involved in its development. Many other therapists, from different modalities have input their suggestions (We thank all of those who have helped to make this, the most revolutionary physical fittness product )

   2  Handles/pieces  per kit 

2) Formed Wire Threader : As many of you know , it is not easy to thread a needle without a threader. This is also true of the WOA Handles. It could be difficult to insert the Bands in the Handles without a threader. It is a formed wire designed specifically to draw a band through the holes of the handle

    1  piece


3) Loop, Lock and Ring :  This is the item that makes the WOA System different from any other resistance band or tube. By simply installing the ring on the band and locking it in place with the loop lock, it makes it possible to use single band with a carabiener.


    1  piece


4) Pouch  : Small Velour Bag with the entire killed installed is the size of the VHS Tape

     1  piece


      Product Weight   7.9  Oz  for all 5  items.