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1) Handles :

The most important component of the WOA System is the adjustable handle grip . These make it possible to hold a band with virtually no hand strength

The band adjusts to your hand and holds it in place. It is also infinitely adjustable for length in seconds. This makes it possible to do multiple exercises without loosing cardio. The handles are made of American Hardwood in the USA.

We use wood rather than plastic or metal because it has a much more pleasant feel and will not crack, break or cut you. Many years of design, research and clinical testing, have gone into this simple yet very effective product.

Doctors and Therapists from the VA Hospital have been involved in its development

Many other therapists from different modalities have input their suggestions. We thank all that helped to make this the most revolutionary physical fitness product in decades.


           2 pieces  (Product weight : 2.6 OZ. Ea)