WOA System

WOA  System :

An Innovative design, unlike any other, WOA System is safer, more comfortable, convenient , timesaving TOOL, inexpensive, even though being of the highest quality.

The WOA Therakits, make Rehab and exercising, painfree from the usual backlash effects from exercising equipments.

WOA Therakits, are meant just as the name implies, WORKOUT  ANYWHERE

Originally designed for Rehab patients with Arthritis, in their hands. It soon became apparent that the phenomenon was working in all types of therapy.We found results in physical therapy, Kinesiotherapy, cardiovascular therapy, amputary therapy, joint replacement therapy, stroke victim therapy,... They all benefit from this workout system.

Now, we have also realized due to its mobility, it is one of the greatest tools available today. Because of its size and weight, you can take it with you anywhere, and you can use it anywhere. Yes it is small enough, a woman can carry it in a medium size purse. A man can carry it in a briefcase or a coat pocket. Its innovative design, nakes it infinetly adjustable. So if you are short or tall, large or strong, WOA System will accomodate you

Now, let's talk about ANYWHERE, yes if you have room to move your arms, you can get a great workout.

Places I have seen and used, or actually used it myself:

1) Wheelchair           2) Bed              3) Couch          4) Kitchen table       5) Bathroom       6) Car    7)  Truck Sleeper            8) R V           9)  Shower Stall      10)  Boat       11)  Train Pullman Car    12) Endless  OTHERS,....

Group Workouts, include, dance, Zoomba, Yoga, Seniors,  Gymnastic classes, Weight watchers, Health classes, Physical fitness classes, and many more. It can also be fun, inspirational and even sexy, if a couple works out together using each other's bodies as an Anchor or a balancepoint. In these cases the touching can be downright tentilating. It could even lead to more calories burning in the bedroom. Everyone needs to find a time and a place to exercise.

WOA System, makes it all possible. No more excuses.95% of the exercises that can be done with a $ 4000.00   500Lbs professional Cable machine, can be done with a complete WOA THERAKITS Set.



As with any change in your physical conditioning, we strongly recommend that before you start to use any of the WOA System , you consult your physician. We also suggest that for the best overall results, you get the help of a licensed physical therapist or trainer.

Each of our Resistance Bands has a specific resistance and it is possible that use of the wrong one could be detrimental to your recovery or muscle building. The amount of repetition and sets, is important as the speed with which you complete your sets. Most professionals will be happy to help you with home training in that you will recover sooner.