A Manual For American Servicemen

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A Manual For American Servicemen in the Arab Middle EastUsing Cultural Understanding to Defeat Adversaries and Win the PeaceThe Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) has sent U.S. diplomats and troops around the world. In the current security environment, understanding foreign cultures is crucial to defeating adversaries and working with allies. Lt. Col. William D. Wunderle explains how U.S. soldiers and commanders can look at military interventions—from preparation to execution—through the lens of cultural awareness, while always minding post-conflict stability operations. He also suggests much-needed changes to the traditional intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB) and the military decision-making process (MDMP). Fascinating, concise, and timely, this is a must-read for military personnel, the intelligence community, and anyone seeking to grasp the motivations and decision-making styles of people all over the globe.144 pagesPaperback; 6" x 9"Rights: WorldB&W Illustrations : 10Published: May 2008ISBN-10: 1602392773ISBN-13: 9781602392779Author: Lt Col. William D. Wunderle Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
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