10 Qt. Covered Kettle

By OpenCountry


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This is a great stock pot for family camping or hunter groups. Solid aluminum construction with easy to clean finish makes this a great value. This pot weighs less than two pounds and the 2 quart kettle and 4 quart kettle will nest inside of this unit. Great for chili and soups. Dimensions: 9 3/4 DIA x 8 3/4 2.16 lbs. Cooking Tips - , A little dab of butter in oatmeal while its cooking will make the pot easier to clean. , Bring energy boosting snacks such as trail mix, granola bars, dried fruit, beef jerky, fruit rolls, etc. for in between meals. , Dehydrate fruits and vegetables ahead of time at home. For example, use your Open Country® dehydrator to dry tomato slices. Once dry, put them in blender to make tomato powder, at camp, put them in boiling water for a delicious treat. , Don't forget to bring along aluminum foil. Wrap and bake corn on the cob, potatoes, etc. , Don't salt meats while (or before) they are cooked. Salt starts the juices running and you'll loose flavor. , Lightly grease a cast-iron griddle before making first pancakes. Then rub a raw peeled potato between batches. This will produce golden brown flapjacks that will not stick. , Make sure to cover pots and pans when you're boiling or cooking. Meals will cook faster when covered. , Measure ingredients for each meal ahead of time and pack in ziplock bags. Label each bag accordingly. Re-use bags if possible. , On your last day of camp, use your leftover meats and vegetables to make omelets for breakfast. Then you don't have to take the leftovers home with you. , Precook rice or noodles at home. Let cool. Store in a ziplock bag. Just heat up in kettle and add to your favorite dish at camp. , Prepare soups, stews or chili etc ahead of time. Freeze and keep in cooler. Reheat for a quick meal. , Put a pan of hot water on the fire while you eat so that it'll be ready for cleanup when you are done. , Rubbing soap on the outside of aluminum pots makes cleaning up black fire soot easier. , Sprinkle a few drops of water on sliced bacon to keep it from shriveling in the pan. , To easily remove burnt on food from your skillet or pan, simply add a drop or two of dish soap and enough water to cover bottom of pan and bring to a boil. , When barbecuing chicken, grill the chicken without the sauce until it is halfway cooked, then coat with sauce. The sauce won't burn onto the chicken and your meal will be more flavorful.
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