WOA System

How the WOA System developed

Posted on May 11, 2013

After several surgeries and rehab sessions, Ed determined that there must be a better way.Each time he was given a Resistance Band to exercise at home.After using the Band for several minutes, it tightens and causes significant pain on his artheritic hands.Thus causing him to interrupt his workout and disrupt his routine, making the rehab session,less than perfect

Ed then talked to other patients and they all had similar results.This led him to the quest of a better and more rewarding session. It became apparent that the problem was gripping the Band. He proceeded to develop a grip that was not only comfortable but that would also adhered to his hand.This means that it requires virtually no strength to hold the grip so that if you have Arthritis in your hands you would still be able to comple a whole workout.

He also realised that with certain especially designed accessories, it becomes possible to do every exercise that could be done on a large commercial cable machine.This allows compete workouts anywhere.

Now no body has any excuse not to take care of their bodies.


Edward Gottlieb.

Crystal Lake, Illinois

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WOA System

Posted on May 04, 2013


                WOA System, is designed to be the most efficient, safest, smallest,  simplest  and  most comfortable piece of resistance equipment available on the market today.   It is designed to replace big clunky expensive, complicated, noisy and boring equipment.


Let's take each point and explain:

1) BIG : Whether it is a large cable machine or one of the hideaway machines ( under your bed or in your closet), the complete WOA System will fit in your briefcase or ladies, with all the stuff in your medium size purse. This means for convenience that is unequalled by any other workout product.

2) CLUNKY : What that means is simple , that it is a light weight, and extremely easy to use

3) EXPENSIVE : The WOA System starts at $ 29.95. However, this price reflects savings of hundreds of dollars in heavy expensive equipment and hundreds of hours in trips to the Gym.

4) COMPLICATED:  The WOA  System is so simple that anyone can use it to do any exercise in minutes.A therapist can show you how to exercise every muscle of your body wih the excption of your tongue.

5) NOISY : The WOA System is so quiet you can use it in a room with a sleeping baby and never disturb it, or in a room full of people watching TV or talking.

6) BORING : When you are stuck in a room with exercising equipment looking at a wall, just think, with the WOA Syste


m you can get up and move anywhere you want, inside or out.

7) SAFETY : The WOA System is safer than any workout equipment due to its light weight, it is designed so that it would not slip and custom designed with special Loop Locks

8) COMFORTABLE :  The WOA System is specially designed as not to hurt your hands as simple resistance Bands only do.  Also the wooden handles are much easier to grip than plastic as other systems use.

9) MULTIPURPOSE : The systems used to stretch and worm up for Rehabilitation, Cardio, Muscle Sculpting and Muscle Building


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