WOA System

How the WOA System developed

Posted on May 11, 2013

After several surgeries and rehab sessions, Ed determined that there must be a better way.Each time he was given a Resistance Band to exercise at home.After using the Band for several minutes, it tightens and causes significant pain on his artheritic hands.Thus causing him to interrupt his workout and disrupt his routine, making the rehab session,less than perfect

Ed then talked to other patients and they all had similar results.This led him to the quest of a better and more rewarding session. It became apparent that the problem was gripping the Band. He proceeded to develop a grip that was not only comfortable but that would also adhered to his hand.This means that it requires virtually no strength to hold the grip so that if you have Arthritis in your hands you would still be able to comple a whole workout.

He also realised that with certain especially designed accessories, it becomes possible to do every exercise that could be done on a large commercial cable machine.This allows compete workouts anywhere.

Now no body has any excuse not to take care of their bodies.


Edward Gottlieb.

Crystal Lake, Illinois

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How the WOA System benefits Rehabilitation

Posted on May 10, 2013

WOA System was actually designed for Rehabilitation by a patient that realised that as important as the Resistance Bands were to therapy, it was not comfortable to use. This made it a very inefficient piece of equipment.By refining the way, the Band is used and with the help of doctors, nurses and therapists, the WOA System with its accessories, becomes the most effective way of Rehabilitation. It is used in different ways for different purposes such as injuries, joint replacement , amputies, cardiac patients, strokie patients, even exercising during pregnancy or during addiction therapies such as smoking or alcoholism.The system has already helped people with all these problems.

We are continuing to develop our products to help others in the future.


PS.: We welcome your ideas, testimonials and input that may help us improve this system more and more.

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Physical therapies and exercises after knee replacement

Posted on May 09, 2013


A complete healing of the knee after the knee replacement surgery meted out obviously asks for a lot of time in months period. Regular dose of exercise along with other different physical therapies gradually helps in recovery of the knee in the past shape. There are standard guidelines and listed precautional measures to protect and upgrade the condition of the knee after knee replacement. The expert advises of the professionals such as the orthopedic surgeons as well as recommendations of the physical therapists are important to be followed in this regard. The physical therapies and exercises refer by them actually helps one to gain strength of the knees, get back the capability to move around and return to normal living in daily life actively.


There are simple guidelines to recuperate with instructions for lying in bed, sitting in chair and walking. For example, continuous passive motion machine is required to be placed under feet while lying when the knee is still stiff out of the surgical effect. Additionally ice machines are what is often prescribed for post therapy usage. Firm chairs with arm rests are recommended for sitting with cushion placed under hip to facilitate sitting straight and up, but chairs should be low in height to help keep the feet flat on floor. In order to avoid placing all body weight on knees one must learn to walk with a walker, cane stick or crutches at least for three weeks or until the knee heals. Also one requires to follow instructions for climbing steps carefully holding the railings and watching each step taken.


Apart from this, the exercises can be divided into those to be done in early days post operation and those after some days. Among the early exercises are tightening and loosening of thigh muscles, straight leg raises with light stretching while lying down as well as while sitting, pumping the ankles by means of rhythmic movements of the feet and contracting and relaxing calf muscles and shin of the legs. Knee straightening and knee bending activity while sitting on bed are another exercise to perform. Also there are knee bending to be regularly done with support or without support while sitting. As a part of the advance physical therapy one requires to perform standing knee bends, straight leg raises, light weight lifting with ankles, and then gradually the stationary biking or what is known as exer-cycling by some.

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WOA System

Posted on May 04, 2013


                WOA System, is designed to be the most efficient, safest, smallest,  simplest  and  most comfortable piece of resistance equipment available on the market today.   It is designed to replace big clunky expensive, complicated, noisy and boring equipment.


Let's take each point and explain:

1) BIG : Whether it is a large cable machine or one of the hideaway machines ( under your bed or in your closet), the complete WOA System will fit in your briefcase or ladies, with all the stuff in your medium size purse. This means for convenience that is unequalled by any other workout product.

2) CLUNKY : What that means is simple , that it is a light weight, and extremely easy to use

3) EXPENSIVE : The WOA System starts at $ 29.95. However, this price reflects savings of hundreds of dollars in heavy expensive equipment and hundreds of hours in trips to the Gym.

4) COMPLICATED:  The WOA  System is so simple that anyone can use it to do any exercise in minutes.A therapist can show you how to exercise every muscle of your body wih the excption of your tongue.

5) NOISY : The WOA System is so quiet you can use it in a room with a sleeping baby and never disturb it, or in a room full of people watching TV or talking.

6) BORING : When you are stuck in a room with exercising equipment looking at a wall, just think, with the WOA Syste


m you can get up and move anywhere you want, inside or out.

7) SAFETY : The WOA System is safer than any workout equipment due to its light weight, it is designed so that it would not slip and custom designed with special Loop Locks

8) COMFORTABLE :  The WOA System is specially designed as not to hurt your hands as simple resistance Bands only do.  Also the wooden handles are much easier to grip than plastic as other systems use.

9) MULTIPURPOSE : The systems used to stretch and worm up for Rehabilitation, Cardio, Muscle Sculpting and Muscle Building


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