Truck Drivers, RV and Mobile Workouts

WOA System Benefits to the Truck Drivers

Posted on May 12, 2013

Let's see how the Truck Drivers can benefit from the WOA System; the system is important becausw, it has been found that not being able to move for hours in a time is not good for your muscular or vascular system. This makes working out significant .

Now let's look for the options. Some truckers are home every night so they have many options, including the WOA System. Some work for companies that have Gyms at their home base facility, others may stop at a truck stop with a gym.

However most drivers are not fortunate enough to stop at one of these everyday. The WOA System makes it possible to get a full workout in the sleeper of the truck. The complete system is simple, light weight and gives an effective workout in the privacy of the sleeper.Thus the possibility of working out anywhere anytime to stay physically fit and mentally alert.

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RV Workout

Posted on May 12, 2013

In an RV when it becomes time to add a new equipment, the 2 most important questions are :

1)How Big is it              2) How much does it weigh

The basic WOA Kit will fit in a space the size of a VCR Tape and weigh less than a pond.

The complete system will fit in a space smaller than a shoe box and weighs less than 3 Lbs.

This Kit will allow you to do any exercises you would do at your Gym at home. This makes it possible to maintain your workout regiment while on your road trips without trying to find an unfamiliar gym. 

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